Starting with the [WO]man in the mirror

This weeks blog post was done on adobe spark. Please check it out! Click here

This week’s blog post was fun however, totally out of my element. Online learning has always been out of my element. Therefore, this week I took on my own personal challenge and got out of my comfort zone.

Image result for out of comfort zoneSource

I have found Adobe Spark to be pretty easy and fun to use. You can easily upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or just use it as a photo editor.

Image result for ProsPros

  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • A tool for everyone
  • No download or install
  • High quality end result
  • 300,000 royalty free images to use


Image result for consCons

  • Need a up to date computer to use the video feature
  • No back or undo option
  • Mobile is only available for Iphone



I hope you find a few minutes to check out Adobe Spark, it really was so much fun!

3 thoughts on “Starting with the [WO]man in the mirror

  1. Good Job! I like the idea of having synchronous components in an online course. I think my team and I should consider incorporating this in our online course as an option for “standardized office hours” to allow for students to ask questions and seek out clarification.


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