Moodle Mission has been aborted


I need to start this week’s blog post by saying that our plan of using Moodle as our LMS (Learning management system) was a failed mission. When Alec, Katie and everyone else said Moodle was not user friendly they were not kidding. We should have just listened. However, being the stubborn nurses that we are, we thought we would be up for the challenge.Challenge

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Like I mentioned in last week’s blog, we were going to use Moodle as our platform because I use URcourses with my employment . Those reasons were not good enough to keep us wanting to us Moddle after we started to attempt to navigate it. After researching Moodle and being frustrated we started to shift gears and started researching more on Canvas. This was a much easier LMS to use. It was a no brainier that we needed to switch. It is always nice to learn something completely different anyways.

In this weeks EC&I class we discussed several different content creation tools. I found it amazing to hear about all the tools that are out there (and for free for the most part). Every single tools almost was new to me. I could not wait to get out there and start playing around with them all.
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Being new to the teaching role and technology world, I quickly become overwhelmed but yet completely fascinated with what I was doing. I was not able to use them all however, I did starting looking at many of them. Within this blog post you can see tools from Powtoon and imovieIt was so much fun playing around on them. Easy to use and very easy for anyone that is a beginner like me.

I have looked at a few other classmates blogs – Stephanie and Carla, and look forward to checking out many more tools like EDpuzzle and Adobe spark.

Believe me when I say that this was a big step for me. It might not seem big for many of you that are already using these tools. My clips in this weeks blog took my hours to create.

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I do not use technology to the extent that is out there. How do you keep up with this ever changing world of technology? I guess one could say, don’t get behind is a good start! I am not to far behind to learn.

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I have always had my “tech savvy” husband that put together family pictures and videos. No excuses anymore. I will be creating our homemade family movies in an even better way now.

Here’s my first attempt. Meet my pride and job, Jayla!

Have you used imovie before? What way have you been able to incorporate this into the classroom? Do your students use it?


13 thoughts on “Moodle Mission has been aborted

    1. Many hours of learning but so much fun at the same time!
      That little girl is my pride and joy. Glad you enjoyed her attempt at readying her oops book! I think iMovie will be great for my home family videos of her!


    1. Hey Stephanine. The first YouTube video on my blog this week is from powtoon. The other two are created using iMovie.
      Have you tried these before? I found them easy to learn and get the hang of. Try it out! Maybe we could use iMovie or your idea of adobe spark for our final learning summary. I am going to try out adobe spark this week… stay tuned


  1. Great videos! I just started using iMovie this week as well to practice prior to the Final Learning Summary – I enjoyed it, but I am still getting used to the Mac and that may be where I have found most of my weaknesses. But your videos look great – I look forward to improving my skills to achieve yours!

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    1. Thanks for your comments. iMovie seems fun and easy to use! I am not a mac computer user so I have been doing my iMovies all on my iPhone. I have spent hours trying to learn a few of these tools- which I am sure you have as well. I am Enjoying this learning journey because it is so much fun. However I am finding myself consumed for hours.


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